What is Linked In Faith?

Linked In Faith is a web-based software solution, designed to help your church build a stronger, more committed church community. Communicating and connecting with people is a challenge. Reducing ?dropped balls? and making sure people don?t "fall through the cracks" is vital to the health and growth of ministry. It is a challenging task to stay well connected with members and with those you are trying to reach. There are many tools available to assist with these and other church management needs, but trying to work with multiple software products can easily create even more confusion and inefficiency.

You need a solid church management system. One that will keep accurate records. One that provides communication tools to keep people informed, calendaring tools to organize all of the church events, social media tools to help build community and connectedness, and web integration tools that turn your church website into a community portal. LinkedInFaith has incorporated all of these elements into a single, fully integrated solution that makes everyone?s job much easier and increases your effectiveness in fulfilling "The Great Commission".

Do you provide training / Support?

Absolutely! We want to do everything to ensure effective use of Linked In Faith. If no one can use it, what good is it?

Support is provided at no additional cost. Email support and unlimited phone support are both included.

Is LIF secure?

Data Security is our number one priority. Linked In Faith is not only easy to use, it's extremely safe and secure.

* Data Security - The Security of data is taken very seriously. Our servers have the latest stable versions and security updates installed. We use firewalls on our servers to keep them locked down as much as possible. In addition, we use strong password and login schemes to prevent unauthorized login attempts. The data center is protected with key access.

* Data Backups
- Backups of all data are done nightly and stored for 7 days on local network storage. Offsite backups are done once a week to a secure location in the unlikely event that catastrophic events occur at our data center.

* Power Backup Systems
- A generator provides continuous power to the servers and communications equipment. All of the facility equipment is operating while the UPS and generator are standing by. In case of a power emergency, the UPS takes over. The generator then starts up to provide uninterrupted power flow until the Utilities Company resolves the outage.

Why web-based?

Web-based software may not be for everyone, but it does have distinct advantages versus a locally hosted application. For one, there are no equipment requirements outside of your existing computers. All you need is access to the Internet. The software itself runs in your web browser. Linked In Faith supports Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. When Linked In Faith releases new features and functionality, you receive them without having to pay for the upgrade. Most importantly, Linked In Faith makes your software accessible from anywhere you can access the Internet. It works with either a PC or a Mac computer. With Linked In Faith, church management is taken to a whole new level by providing unlimited user access to your account. This allows everyone to get involved, not just those in the church office!

Can our church afford LIF?

When you consider new operational efficiencies, you will likely find that Linked In Faith will more than pay for itself. If you take it a step further and calculate the value of a more connected, more committed church body, you may then ask yourself the question: "Can we afford NOT to do this?"

Will Enhancements Cost Me?

There are no costs for enhancements. The application is continually being upgraded and improved. As new features are added, you will automatically get them!

Do I need special equipment or software?

Because LIF is 100% web-based, all you need is a web browser on your Mac or PC. A high speed connection to the internet is highly recommended for your church offices - but is not required.

How many users can access LIF at the same time?

There is no limit on the number of users who can use LIF at any one time.

Does our church need to upgrade our computers to run LIF Live?

Since we are hosting the data, there is no need to buy expensive servers or high-end computers to run LIF Live. If you can run Windows, you can run our software. You will, however, need a fast, reliable connection to the Internet.

Will lif Live replace our church website?

LIF is designed to enhance your existing church website by offering members communication tools, calendaring tools, and social media tools to build community and connectedness.